The Pick of the Year

Just in time for our 18th anniversary, we created the Pick of the Year to honor, acknowledge and celebrate our contributors who did us a huge favor by submitting their works to us. We are sharing with the readers and potential contributors the reasons we loved and accepted a particular flash. Consider this Pick a typical flash representing each year.
Welcome to the Picks. We will add one year at the time, periodically, through 2018.
The staff of Vestal Review


We welcome your comments.

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  1. For me, the beauty of flash fiction is that it demands you value every word, requires you recognize the universe can be contained within the mustard seed of a single well chosen word. “You, again” may be an innocuous, flirtatious, or even intimate greeting. Context matters. Writer’s intent, reader’s inference determines. “I guess I better go on and let you go” may be a trite, regional good-bye or, as the final words spoken by the love of your life, affirmation she has kept her oft spoken promise.

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