The News from our Alumni

March 2018. From Jayne Martin:

February 2018 issue of Crack the Spine published “Prom Night”
March 2018 Dime Show Review published “In the Wake.”

March 2018. From Jeff Friedman:

Jeff Friedman’s seventh book of poems, Floating Tales, was published by Plume
Editions/MadHat Press in fall 2017. A portfolio of his new prose pieces will be featured in an
upcoming issue of Poetry International.
April 2018. From David Galef:

For his story “Therapy,” David Galef has won the 2017 Meringoff Award for Fiction, sponsored by the Association of Literary Scholars, Critics, and Writers.

Also: Brevity: A Flash Fiction handbook (Columbia University Press) is now in its sixth printing.


June 2018. From Elizabeth King:

The sequel to my recently released mystery Electric Detective is available on audio and in print.

The Hollywood Portal, won the WHODUNIT 2018 award!

June 2018. From LeeAnn (Holmes) Adams:

My flash fiction story, “The Squatter’s Inn,” was included in The Fancy Arm Hole Series Number 1. Likely Red Press published the anthology. There is a digital version available now with a print version forthcoming. (Link:

Also, Crack the Spine published my flash fiction story, “While Taking Photographs in Nepal,” in Issue 238 of the magazine. (Link:

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