Misplaced by Elena Felix

“Blessed is the mind with something to occupy it.” Laura read this sign hanging on the Marina del Rey Barnes and Noble’s door every day on her way to work.

She always thought she had an occupied mind, until the day the headaches started and she found that the MRI showed nothing.

Nothing–just a big unoccupied space. She had no brain in her head, and she wasn’t surprised at all.

“Why would I be surprised? All the decisions I’ve made in my life have been purely emotional.”

Laura asked the internist to MRI her stomach area, and right there, sitting between the liver and her right kidney, was her perfect little brain–tiny but cute and, yes, totally misplaced.

The good thing about this revelation was that her headaches were gone with a spoonful of Pepto-Bismol.

What keeps Laura occupied these days is the thought, from the gut, that having an empty head may be a waste, and that instead of having surgery to move the brain into her head, she would ask the surgeon to put her heart up there. That would make so much more sense.