Magic Mondays

A new category: Magic Mondays.

Submit a magic realism story of up to 250 words. It can be a story of the type of Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” or humorous magic realism. No hard science fiction or high fantasy.  The selected story will appear on the VR’s website either every Monday or every other Monday. The best published story of three months selected by the reader’s poll will be included in the next issue of Vestal Review with our standard publication pay. No fees.

Please do not submit anything that doesn’t match the theme or the story length limitations.

11/19/17. The first poll is over. Out of 381 votes cast in the Cycle 1 readers’ poll, Clockwork Kid by Michael Chapey received 174. Congratulations, Michael. Your story will be included in the next issue of Vestal Review with our standard publication pay.

Submit HERE.

Please vote to select your favorite story from Cycle 1 (the stories are below). 

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The stories:


Cycle 1

Clockwork Kid by Michael Chapey

Cricket by Erini Katopodis

Meanwhile by Michael Trocchia

A Cycle of Tall Flowers and Dead-Eyed Gardeners by Omer Friedlander 

Left Hand Turns by Sudha Balagopal

Gordon’s by Carole Burkett

Transhumance by Sophie van Llewyn

Calligraphy by J. Bradley

My Hero by Tasha Lower

Separation Notice by Jenny Bhatt

A Cloud is Just Water, Right? by John Sharp

Cycle 2

The Night Mare by Erica Plouffe Lazure

Fallen Birds by Tony Tallent

Hypochondria by Jack Leibur

Paleo Makeover 2117 by Richard Manly Heiman

The Day There Was a Picnic by Rebecca Fishow 

Effigy by Rishee Batra

West Wind by Tovah Strong

Misplaced by Elena Felix

At First Blush by Peter Schireson

Gravity Grateful by Mark Blickey


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