Love Over Drinks by Olivia Wertz

I met her on my 21st birthday. I was drunk. She was drunker. The next morning, she stayed for breakfast. That Friday, we went out to dinner. We lied to the waiter and told him it was our anniversary, so he gave us a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon on the house. Over the next month, she was coming to my house for nights of lovemaking and wine tasting. Three months after that, we took a trip to California to visit my family, and I proposed outside of my dad’s brewery. Six months later, we got married. We didn’t remember the reception. A month after the wedding, she was pregnant. She still drank. A month after the pregnancy announcement, she wasn’t pregnant anymore. After that, I started drinking scotch. She started drinking vodka. We weren’t getting drunk together anymore. I was passing out on the couch. She was blacking out in the bedroom. Our love was somber, but never sober. She eventually moved out. Eventually, I went to AA. I’ve been sober for 5 years. I heard she’s been dead for three.


Olivia Wertz is a writer from Altoona, Pennsylvania. She recently graduated from Penn State University, and her poetry and short fiction has been featured in Penn State Altoona’s literary magazine, Hard Freight. For the past two years, Olivia has been invited to attend Sigma Tau Delta’s International Convention to present two of her short stories.


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