Vestal Review turns 18 this March. We will be able to vote.
To celebrate our 18th anniversary, we announce a fee-free 18x18x18 contest. 18 word stories with 18 characters titles and $18 prize. And you, our reader, will vote for the best entry among the five runner ups selected by our editorial team.
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Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press is pleased to announce the publication of Short on Sugar, High on Honey: Micro Love Stories, edited by Mark Budman and Tom Hazuka (2018).

Short on Sugar

300 little love stories
7–13 words
101 pocket-sized pages
An exciting new anthology of micro fiction by over 200 authors from around the world.


Vestal Review Pushcart nominations

Print Issue 49: “Masking Tape Over My Fortunate One” by Shoshana Surek
Print Issue 49: “In Its Entire Splendor” by Tara Isabel Zambrano
Print Issue 49: “Birth” by Timothy Parrish
Print Issue 50: “Her House” by Merrin Jones

Congratulations to all nominees and good luck.

Sue, Mark, Cameron, Santino, Anita & Gillian

Calligraphy by Jesse Bradley 

The man waiting in front of you for his coffee evaporates. The last of him asks: Why me? You wait for flecks of his blood to fall but it never comes.

Your neighbor wonders: Where am I going? When his son comes looking for him, you point to the empty set of clothes at your doorstep, then up to the sky where new questions linger:

Can you hear me?

What happened?

Is this it?

You stop looking up after the third day when you feel your wife’s hand disappear. She manages to contort what is left of her into cursive:

I’ll miss you.

You think about what your body will say when it’s your turn, but you’re not sure whether anyone would read it.

Effective immediately, Anita, Cameron, Gillian and Tino are promoted to the associate editors in appreciation of their contribution to Vestal Review.

Thank you very much

Mark & Sue

Question: Why was my story rejected?

A short answer: your story wasn’t rejected because it was bad, but because other stories were better.

A longer answer: your story wasn’t rejected because it was bad, but because other stories were better for this publication in this editor’s mind at this time.