America and I: An Immigrant Story in the Age of Dissent

We—Mark F. of @Mythic Picnic, Susan O’Neill and Mark Budman of Vestal Review— are putting together an anthology of flash fiction (stories under 1000 words) tentatively titled “America and I: An Immigrant Story in the Age of Dissent.” It will be penned by first- and second- generation immigrants as well as immigrants to another country as long as the story has a link to America as specified in the submission guidelines. We will consider submissions mostly in English, but will also consider a few stories in Russian if accompanied by an authorized English translation.

The anthology will have both print and Kindle editions. Publication is tentatively scheduled for spring of 2020.

Though the theme presumes strife and discord, we are not looking specifically for anger or #resistance as defined by Twitter, or anti-Trump—unless, of course, they are germane to the story. As a matter of fact, we are more interested in stories of reconciliation than in fighting (we have more than enough of the latter). That said, the anthology will accept well-crafted stories of any political—or apolitical—orientation, and any emotional character, as long as they don’t call for violence and are respectful to other peoples’ feelings and identities.

There will be about 30 stories in the anthology. We don’t have a publisher yet, but we think that this theme should be able to attract a distinguished publisher. Failing that, we will publish through Vestal Review Press. In any case, we will pay a token honorarium and a printed copy of the anthology for any accepted story. The immigrants to other countries will not get a print copy because of the costs of shipping. Sorry.

Here is a link to submit.