Dear fellow writer. Let’s resolve the question of chicken and eggs pseudo-scientifically—does an author have a right to cash payment, or copies of his published work, above and beyond just plain exposure, or is exposure enough?

To be clear, we’re aware that most if not all authors crave exposure. This is just the nature of writing; we want to share it with the world. But do you feel that the publisher owes you something more than just exposure for your work? Do you consider compensation—whether it’s in copies, subscription, or an honorarium–your right as a contributor?

Here’s your chance to weigh in on this matter by taking this totally unscientific brief quiz:

For either a print magazine or ezine, print and electronic anthologies, do you agree that:

A copy/copies (print or digital) of your own work and/or subscription and/or honorarium offered by the publisher in addition to exposure is your fundamental right.

This is followed by “demographic” questions.


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