19x19x0x0 Contest

June 2019 update: And the winner with 52 votes is: -Cyriacus Nathalia Chiamaka. Congrats!

We just finished our 19x19x0x0 contest to celebrate Vestal Review’s 19th birthday. 19 words, $19 prize, 0 words title, $0 fee.

The 19 word story had to include the words “Vestal” and “review,” but not together. The winner gets $19 Amazon gift certificate.

We had 52 entries and the semi-finalists are:

Draw closer to the hearth, my dear. Shall we review your sins? My vestal flames will lick you clean.

-Chelsea McGlynn

In every following review the Vestal astrologers were made out to be charlatans, something they had claimed would happen.

-Edward DeMarsh

Gina was a virgin—chaste, “vestal.” Was she Roman?  Certainly Italian-American. Lust always makes me review my classical studies.

-Charles Rammelkamp

The art critic dubbed it “Vestal Vision”—rave review. Sold for big bucks. A blank canvas hung by mistake.

-Julia Orvis

An overly festal vestal
was condemned by those matripotestal
because their review
concluded the shrew

a flower too agrestal.

-Ken Gosse

A woman shouldn’t have to be vestal to be respected. It’s high time we all review this sociocultural norm.

-Cyriacus Nathalia Chiamaka